Dramatic Accent Walls

The accent wall is usually the first wall that you see when entering a room.  It can help to anchor or define a separate area within a larger space. For example, within a large, open-plan house, an accent wall can define a smaller area as being a reading area.  The accent wall highlights a large focal point on or near that wall: TV, entertainment center, bed, fireplace, bookcase. Accent walls are rarely found floating around on their own.  In most cases, an accent wall is a bold color (e.g., orange) against neutral walls (e.g., white). However another version of the accent wall is a vibrant shade against other walls of the same shade. For example, a rich orange against other, very pale orange walls.  An accent wall doesn't mean you throw color coordination out the window and don't forget that wallpaper and tile can also make an accent wall, not just paint.




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