Your Local Painter in Sea Bright NJ

There are many things that impact on decorative painting trends. In recent years, new products have burst onto the scene.... so many choices!! It's all great stuff! This gives decorative painters unlimited opportunity for creativity! 

Plus it's also good to watch what's happening in home decor and fashion. These two have become so closely linked that it's now common to find fashion designers creating home decor lines and vice versa.

If you're looking for great advice for decorating your home, you've arrived at the right place.... Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes will make give your Sea Bright NJ home the WOW factor!!

Whether it's walls, furniture or home accents, paint will always be a popular and inexpensive way to change our surroundings. Faux finishes, murals and trompe l'oeil aren't just decorative painting trends anymore. They're mainstays.

Visit our slide show for some of the more popular decorative painting trends.

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