Your Local Painter in Red Bank NJ

Whether the interior of your Red Bank NJ home needs painting or just a more finished look Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes can provide a GREAT finish to your home. There are many types of trim and molding that you can choose from, depending on how formal of an atmosphere you want and how much you want to spend on the project. 

In fact, decorative molding adds charm and vitality to any space. Choosing the right molding can transform even the simplest room into a room full of character and warmth. Charm aside, installing Crown Molding and Decorative Interior Trim happens to be one of the lowest cost investments with the highest dollar return that one can make in Home Improvement. This is appealing to many people especially in the current economic situation when buying or building a new home may not be the right time.

While many homes on the market right now are newly finished homes, there are always many more that are older, in need of renovations, or are just a little bit in need of some TLC. While many homeowners paint their houses to update them or put them on the market, moldings and trim aren't often installed as an accent to increase the sale, or if they are existing in a home they often need replacing. 

Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes offers free estimates, color consultations and a plethora of faux finish ideas.  View our slide show and see just what we can do!!

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