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What really sets Unique Technique Painting & Faux Finishes apart from all the rest is our eye for design and color, our attention to detail and outstanding customer service.  Additionally, we offer the latest in specialized painting techniques and artistic options.  Our artistic ability and experience will transform your Plumsted NJ home just as you've imagined them.

Selecting colors for you home can be a challenging part of the painting process. Consider the light and space in your rooms and be mindful of color transitions from one room to the next. Unique Technique Painting can help you consider all your options and create a flow from one room to the next using color to connect the rooms. We take the worry out of making these choices by working closely with you to make a comprehensive plan.

"Faux" is a French word for "false" or "imitation" and was originally used to describe a type of painting in which a wall, floor or object was made to look like something else...such as marble, leather, wood, plaster, etc. This technique evolved into a way to play with texture, motion and colors to create "decorative finishes."

Applying these faux finishes requires skill, proper tools, technique and a thorough understanding of how different paints and materials come tougher to produce a desired effect. It can make a strong statement in a room to define a style, a feeling of warmth or highlight a detail for special attention. AND, we're good at it.

Contact us today!! We'll share our expertise, training and eye for design to transform your Plumsted home into a masterpiece.

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