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We’ve all experienced the monotony of the "white wall tundra," often times referred to as the "monotone madness." It's truly amazing how color and movement on your walls can enhance the beauty of your Long Beach NJ home and make it warm and inviting. What piece of furniture or accessory has the kind of influence on your home as color and great design? So when considering the impact, how much did you invest in your sofa? Notice it only affects that one area of your room. Faux finishing frames the entire room or house with a lovely palette of color.

Homes built these days have large areas with no defining boundaries, causing homeowners to wonder, "Where do I stop and start?" A fabulous glaze can take care of that in the core areas of your Long Beach home. Then, defining rooms or "focal point walls" can be contrasted with a dramatic faux finish.

Unique Technique's basic design philosophy generally for most Long Beach homeowners is to keep your walls warm neutral and use punches of color in your accessories, i.e. throw pillows, area rugs, window coverings, etc. This allows the satisfaction of your investment to last many years and flow with the trends in design.

This philosophy is also great for many of you who are looking at possible resale in the near future yet want to enjoy the beauty of a faux finish. Use a color that appeals to many people and you will find your home will often sell faster than a similar home without a faux finish. Many realtors and clients have confirmed this unique appeal to a home sale.  Visit our slide show for a more comprehensive look at what we do.

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